Bezpečnostná kamera Monacor ELIP-2550BVM ELIP-2550BVM, LAN, 1920 x 1080 pix



Vlastnosti a parametre výrobku

Typ fotoaparátuBullet kamera
Veľkosť senzoru9.07 mm (1/2.8″)
Druh senzora (zabezpečenie)CMOS Sony
Ohnisková vzdialenosť5 mm
50 mm
max.dosah IR svetla80 m
Miesto použitiaVonkajšia
Do interiéru
Vonkajšia šírka90 mm
Vonkajšia výška88 mm
Rozmer, hĺbka288 mm
Hmotnosť1.3 kg
Kategória výrobkuBezpečnostná kamera
Standard přenosu signáluIP
Spôsob ochranyIP66
Vlastnosti monitorovacieho zariadeniaS IR LED
Motorizovaný objektív
Rozlíšenie (max.)1920 x 1080 px

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Podmienky používania dokumentácie

Quick Start Guide Note: 123
PoE Switch9 Port Fast Ethernet Switch With 8 Port PoE
Power Adapter POE Ethernet Switch RJ-45RJ-45
HD IP Camera (PoE)HD IP Camera (PoE) To PoE Switch LAN port DC 12V DC 12V
HD IP Camera (without PoE) HD IP Camera (without PoE) To Switch or Router LAN portTo Switch or Router LAN port To router LAN port Router HDMI or VGA output HDMI or VGA output RJ-45 To router LAN port To router LAN portPoE NVR
To NVR PoE port Note: This manual may contain some incorrect places, even though it was publis hed with our carefully proofreading.
The news updates will be added to the next release without notice. Your valuable advice is really appreciated.V 4.0
1. The camera should be connected to an OPTIONAL 12 volt power supply if you do not use PoE (Power over Ethernet).
2. A Windows computer is more convenient to setup and troubleshooting.Figure 1: Working With POE Switch Figure 2: Working With POE NVR
Modifying the camera’s IP address Note *you can also find out the LAN configuration via Windows GUI
Now you can get all the local network information.
IPv4 Address: 192.168.1.?
Subnet Mask:
Default gateway:
DNS Servers:
Default: IP address: , Username: admin, Password: 123456( We strongly recommend modifying the default password for your security).
Each IP camera has the same default IP address after leaving the factory. In order to guarantee network connectivity and access the live video, it is essentia l to change the camera’s IP address to unique via computer before using. You can install the device search tool or UC client from the CD to quickly configure the IP camera.
Before modifying the IP address you’d better confirm the IP network planning and avoid IP address conflict.
Steps on Local Area Windows 10 PC : Search Windows -> cmd -> ipconfig /all Right-click on the Network icon and select open Network and Sharing Center.
If the camera is installed to work with the local switch or router direc tly, the camera IP range should be 192.168.1.x (x=2-254). To void IP conflict, you should test and select an unoccupied IP like this: Command Prompt ping test Only when reply unreachable that means the IP address is no conflict and available, otherwise when you see time reply do not use this IP address.
Using Device Search Tool There are three methods to modify the camera IP configuration, Search tool,UC Client softwareand Internet Explorer.
2Modifying the camera’s IP address a. Click Start Search and all your cameras in the LAN will be listed. Modify IP address to suit the LAN’s IP scheme. There are two modifying methods available: 1) Right click on the desired camera and choose “Modify IP address”. 2) Click the ALL check-box then click “IP Batch Setting”.
Reset Password ->Restore default settings; Video full-screen -> double-click video; Firmware upgrade -> Select the check-box, click Browse then click File Upgrade.
b. You can also enable the camera DHCP function if there is a DHCP server available in the LAN.
Most router has DHCP server built-in. (IP address in DHCP setting may change after device restart. We do not recommend leaving the IP camera on DHCP).
Tips: 56
4Working with Internet Explorer To access the camera’s web interface, type in the IP camera’s IP address in Internet Explorer’s URL bar to gain access to the login page. Please modify IP address to the same subnet if login page can not load.
(Default user name: admin, Password: 123456) Firefox ESR and IE are supported.
From the login page, select your familiar language, then log in with the username and password.
4Using the UC client software (Default user name: admin, Password: 123456) 1. Go to the Devices Config and click Start search, all the camera in th e LAN
will be listed. Highlighting one of the camera will populate the fil ed above.
Change the parameter listed in the field and click on “Modify IP” to modify the camera’s IP address. Please modify the default IP address to match your LAN’s IP scheme. Note: Be careful when setting up IP addresses to not have duplicated IP as other devices in LAN.
2. After changing all the IP cameras’ IP address, you can search again and add them all to the UC client. Once the cameras are added, go to the tab Video View and drag the camera into the split windows to start previewing the c ameras.
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Connecting the camera to systemELIP-2036BF

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